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Wisdom for life

For Children

This page provides resources for the children of BOAT.


What is BOAT?

An introduction for children


BOAT Prayer


Find out about otters!


Otters in Sussex:

Wild Otter Trust:

10 Fun facts about Otters:

12 Facts about Sea Otters:

Nature Videos

Baby Otter Clubs learn to swim:  (3 ½ minutes)

BBC Spy in the Wild – Cute otters intimately filmed by spy camera:          (1 ½ minutes)

BBC Earth Sea Otters Hold Hands To Survive The Dangers Of The Open Ocean: (3 minutes)

Cutest Baby Otter Ever: (4 ½ minutes)

Nat Geo Wild – Sea Otters Open Mussels on Stone Anvils: (3 minutes)

Otters in the News

BBC (search ‘BBC Otters’)


If you find any great resources about otters, please let us know!