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Ofsted Inspections

Schools that become an academy are not likely to be inspected until their third year of operation unless Ofsted holds or receives information which causes sufficient concern.

The trust will publish its academies’ Ofsted reports here.

The trust will develop a strong school improvement strategy to ensure that all of its academies achieve high results and good/outstanding Ofsted outcomes.


All church schools in the trust are subject to a SIAMS inspection. Inspections before August 2018 will take place under the 2013 framework. From September 2018 a new schedule of evaluation will come into force. The trust is developing a comprehensive strategy to support schools to prepare for their SIAMS inspections and to achieve high outcomes. Our aim is that:

Short Term (by August 2018)

  1. All schools who are considering joining BOAT within the next 12 months, are graded ‘good’ or better, with at least one out of four core areas graded ‘outstanding’, if inspected under the 2013 SIAMS framework
  2. Strong collaboration and sharing of best practice is developed through the process of school to school support, partnerships… for schools expecting to be inspected…

Medium Term (September 2018 onwards)

  1. All church schools in BOAT, or who are considering joining the trust within the next 12 months, are graded ‘good’ or better, with at least three out of twelve aspects graded ‘outstanding’, when inspected under the 2017 SIAMS framework
  2. All BOAT schools who have been graded ‘outstanding’ under the SIAMS 2013 framework and the Free School (St Clement) are also judged to be ‘outstanding’ when inspected under SIAMS 2017 evaluation schedule.

Outcomes of SIAMS inspections will be signposted here in due course.

Community schools that join BOAT are not subject to a SIAMS inspection.


Achievement and results of BOAT academies will be published here.