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Why work with us?

  • Job Vacancies – Currently there are no vacancies. If you are interested in working at the new Free School, St Clement CE Primary Academy, please email to register your interest.
  • Students / Teaching Training – Please contact individual academies about teaching training opportunities.
  • Please contact individual academies within the trust for more information.
  • Volunteers play a huge part in the life of many schools. Not only can it be of enormous benefit to schools but immensely enjoyable too! Please contact individual academies where you would like to volunteer.
  • Governor Vacancies – There are currently no governor vacancies within the trust. However if you are interested in becoming a governor at one of our academies or another church school in the area, please email
  • Trustee Vacancies – The board of trustees currently has one vacancy. The board will be undertaking a skills audit to identify what skillset would be beneficial to bring to the board. If you are interested becoming a trustee, please email

Why join the trust?

Community Schools

Some community school are interesting in joining the trust which offers a strong sense of moral purpose. Community schools cannot become a ‘church’ school when joining the trust and would not be expected to operate as one. Although community schools would have to keep to the law with regards to Religious Education and Collective Worship, they would not be required to follow diocesan guidelines. For more information, please contact David Etherton

Church Schools

The Bishop Otter Academy Trust is the natural home for all Church of England Schools in the greater Brighton and Lewes area who are considering becoming an academy.For more information, please contact David Etherton or the Diocesan Director of Education, Ann Holt, for more information.


Admissions - How to I apply for a place at a BOAT academy?

All of our schools have their own individual admissions policy – please contact them directly for more information. Families need to apply for a reception place via the local authority where they live – please visit their website for further information.

Complaints - How do I make a complaint?

For complaints relating to academies, please visit the local academy website for their complaints policy. If you wish to make a complaint about the trust, please contact 

Freedom of Information Request - How do I make a Freedom of Information Request?

Please see our FOI policy under ‘Policies’.

Term Dates - What are the term dates?

Term dates and INSET (Training) days may differ for each academy in the trust. Please contact an individual academy to find out their term dates and INSET days.